May. 19th, 2012

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So I should have posted this here before BUT I'm working on my first real manuscript (which I did mention in my last post). I have the goal of having it done by the end of May. I started working on it at the beginning of the year but I was insanely busy so it was kind of taking a backseat to LIFE (that evil thing ;p) until 2 weeks ago where I put it on the uh... to change metaphors... front burner. So yeah I'm getting close to done but I'm still worried about finishing it on time. It's why I haven't been writing KakaIru lately... I still LOVE KakaIru and I think my writing is still in that same vein so I hope all my friends and readers will give my original stuff a try when it's published. There will be one story dedicated to the KI community although I have to figure out the proper phrasing for it. I have really appreciated all the support and guidance that the community has given to me. The friends that I have made in the community are extremely important to me. Just because I'm writing original stuff doesn't mean I won't write anymore KI either because I fully intend to. I think I will write some fandom stuff when I take breaks because I miss it. -this first paragraph will be left out of future post as will the stuff below the daily note.

Day: 4
Week: 2
Week's Goal: 10,000 words
Words left to this week's goal: 6,245
Story's Working Title: Coffee Cake
Characters: Whitney x Liam
Starting Word Count: 31,776
Yesterday's Progress: 1,037 words
Progress since starting journal: 14,069 words
Playlist: Whitney & Liam via Spotify! (see below)

Daily Writing Note:
I got the scene done that I wanted to get done. I always consider this a huge achievement because I feel a lot closer to my goal when scene is done. In my head I still have a good 6 or 7 scenes to go... I think... maybe more. I need to up my word count though if I'm going to get 10k done by the end of the week.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~This will not be reposted as it will remain the same~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

My deviantart name is now KiterieAine which means that pretty much all of my accounts line up. The only exceptions being my msn and yim names which are actually older than the Kiterie name by about a year. The reason I changed my dA name was to reduce confusion for people and well the name wasn't ME, when people called me that when we met in person it confused me. When people call me Kiterie... it doesn't. I answer to Kiterie, Kit, and Kitty IRL and have since I was a teen.

First: I have TUMBLR now! KiterieAine.Tumblr Feel free to swing by and ask me questions there. You can ask my muses questions too if you want. I'm also going to post exclusive things on there and on twitter and facebook. I did set it as NSFW though, but I don't know if it will be and if I find that it's not I might change that.

Second of all I have a new facebook for my writing, specifically my original writing Kiterie Aine and you can friend me there. It won't have all the unrelated spam connected to my family/friends/general randomness or even games. It will ONLY have updates relating to my stories.

Third, all you should all go look at my recent post. Trello is absolutely wonderful!


I even think it could be used by artist who have a lot of commissions since you could put a list for each type of commission and board for each website so that you could track everything.

So right now I'm working on a kiss scene... lots of kissing in this one. It's fun but man so hard to write so many different kinds of kisses. Which leads to me worrying about whether they'll feel repetitive or that there's not enough actual sex because a lot of their story revolves around the lack there of. It's a challenge... I love having so many kiss scenes because Gah Kisses are cuuuuute!

Quote of the day "‎...never lick a cactus, it's not as fun as it looks." -Pick A Funny Status via Derekica Snake

Unless that cactus is named Liam then lick away he loves I mean HATES it. ;p

I am CHEESY! I totally love to have music that plays off of keywords from the story I'm working on OR a theme OR just love songs that fit the couple I'm working on. In Whitney & Liam's case it plays off of 'Beautiful' & 'Blue Eyes' so if you have a song suggestion that's not on the list feel free to toss it at me I will probably add it. The genre doesn't matter I listen to all kinds of stuff from Metal to Funk to Punk to Folk to Country to Pop to Rap to Dance... Seriously I listen to a huge variety. The thing I'm picky about is Lyrics. I'm a bit of a poet so I expect decent lyrics or a good fucking sound! In this case it's more love songs because well it's a love story.

Playlist Title: Whitney & Liam
1. Blue Eyes Blue by Eric Clapton
2. Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney
3. Clear Blue Eyes (feat. Lucinda Williams) by Amos Lee
4. Blue Eyes by Cary Brothers
5. Behind Blue Eyes by Limp Bizkit (not a love song but I like it)
6. A Beautiful Mess by Jason Mraz
7. Gray Blue Eyes by Dave Matthews
8. Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain by Willie Nelson & Shania Twain
9. Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye by The Black Crowes
10. Pale Blue Eyes by The Velvet Underground *Love*
11. Blue Eyes by Timmy Curran
12. I Still Miss Someone by Johnny Cash *AWESOMENESS*
13. His Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles by Joan Osborne *Pertty*
14. Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue by Crystal Gayle
15. You're Beautiful by James Blunt *Recced by Kiix/Dericka Snake - author friend*
16. What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction
17. Baby Blue Eyes by A Rocket To The Moon
18. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes by Crosby, Stills, & Nash
19. Blue Eyes by MIKA


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