May. 29th, 2012

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I'm getting close to finishing my first manuscript so I'll be taking a week off from writing to do stuff like read, zone out on anime or tv, and I'm even going to do a coffee art class. If you have something to recommend as far as my reading/watching list goes let me know. I have a huge list, but always open to adding to it. Also if anyone has any recommendations for good books about Zen Buddhism I'm looking for some.

Day 6
Week 3
Week's Goal: 10,000 words
Words left to this week's goal: 4,981
Story's Working Title: Coffee Cake
Characters: Whitney x Liam
Starting Word Count: 43,047
Yesterday's Progress: 880 words
Progress since starting journal: 25,340 words
Playlist: Whitney & Liam via Spotify! (see below)

Today's Daily Writing Note:
I can't say I got that much done yesterday. I had friends over so I cleaned the house and made barbecue ribs (that were FUCKING AMAZINGLY GOOD! falling off their bone with a fork and no effort good) and so I didn't get started until late which then it's the smut so I was trying to get everything to flow smoothly and that always slows me down.

Hoping to finish the smut up today which would be awesome. I only have 2 days (3 counting today) before my self-imposed deadline and damn it I WILL make it. I am determined. That's not of course when it will be 100% done that's when it will be sent to the editors to get kicked around. I don't know how long that's going to take but I'm going to take a week off (as mentioned above) and then start working on my second manuscript.

I swear nobody reads this... *sigh* oh well.


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