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Title: Controlling The Fox
Characters: Kushina, Mikoto(pregnant with Sasuke)
Theme: One Thousand Paper Cuts
Summary: Mikoto and Kushina wrapping Christmas presents and a reflection on their friendship.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto and I’m certainly not being paid to write this, it’s for my own enjoyment and the enjoyment of others.
Dedicated to: OftheNewMoon dA
A/N: I was kind of aiming for slight MikoKush overtones hehe just cuz it’s kind of like SasuNaru but not fucked up.


“I hate this!” Kushina screamed, sticking her finger in her mouth and sucking on it. Grabbing a kunai, she stabbed at the wrinkled paper, anger vibrating through her. “Stupid, fucking paper! If you don’t start fucking cooperating I will burn down an entire forest in revenge!” Her hair lifted around her, little bubbles of the fox demon’s chakra seeping out in her irritation and lifting the red strands like they were its nine tails.

Mikoto snickered softly under her breath and shook her head. “And the Red Hot-Blooded Habanero strikes the Christmas presents and all those who stand between her and her peaceful holiday dead over a paper cut.”

She narrowed her eyes at her best friend and waved the kunai threateningly in her direction. “More like over a thousand paper cuts, and it deserves to die!”

Laughing out-right, Mikoto rolled her eyes and then reached over and took the kunai away. “Give me that before you hurt yourself, again.” She tucked it behind her and then brushed her long, black hair back over her shoulder. “We’re just lucky that fox chakra heals you and keeps you from bleeding all over everything.”

Turning her head away, Kushina stuck her lower lip out. She puffed her cheeks out with an audible and childish ‘Hmph’. She crossed her arms, and her hair ‘lashed’.

Most would have assumed it was due to true anger because of the Fox’s chakra bleeding through. Mikoto knew better. She knew Kushina, and she knew her friend had such perfect control over the fox that she used his chakra like it was her own. The display was very much that. It was like a three-year-old having a tantrum and holding their breath. It was there to get your attention. In front of most people, Kushina didn’t do such things- it was something she did only around her closest friends.

Reaching over, Mikoto tugged on one of Kushina’s ‘tails’. “How about I wrap the presents, and you tie the bows.

Kushina eyed her cautiously. “You’re just doing this so we won’t have to go out and get more paper...”

Brushing her fingers through the red hair, Mikoto nodded. “Now stop squinting those pretty blue eyes and start tying bows.” She smirked. “Unless of course you want me to go tell Minato that you like it when he peeks on you at the bath house and what you really want for Christmas is just him all tied up in a bow.”

A bright flush colored the pale cheeks, and the blue eyes went wide. Kushina looked away, smacked lightly at Mikoto’s hand, and reached for the ribbon. “Fine.”

Moments like these reminded Mikoto that it was fate that they were best friends. Uchiha and Jinchuuriki always were. Ever since Madara had first beaten the Fox, it had been a fact. They were drawn to each other. She might not have Madara’s abilities, but she could definitely control the fox sitting beside her.
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