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Title: Armaments vs Ornaments
Characters: Kakashi, Gai
Theme: Armaments vs ornaments - why the first vowel is (or is not) interchangeable when dealing with Kakashi
Summary: Kakashi is very resourceful and determined, particularly when there is evidence of him being anything even resembling ridiculous
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto and it’s obvious because if I did there would be soooo much more fluff and lots of yaoi pairings.
Dedicated to: OldBat


“Ah, but my Eternal Rival you should not aim that there,” Gai leapt back, dodging the projectile by centimeters. “You would not wish to accidentally destroy your Precious Teachers Most Wonderous Gift and Cherished Memory!”

Kakashi yanked another of the decorative, glass icicle off of over-sized Christmas Tree that graced the front of the Hokage Tower. “Gai, if you don’t give that to me I’ll fill you full of holes along with it!” He wondered how his sensei had gotten those pictures without him knowing it. It annoyed him that Minato had actually shown Gai the humiliating costume after he’d said not to.

Shaking his head, Gai dodge the ornament which hit the wall under his feet and shattered. Sparks or lightning chakra making each shard glow. “I cannot! Namikaze-sama gave me strict instructions not to do so, and it is my Honorable Holiday Mission to preserve this Precious Moment until he returns!”

“Don’t worry, there won’t be anyone to get mad at you, cause I’ll kill him when he gets back!” Not that he actually could, but it sounded good and maybe it would get Gai to cough up the thing. He was never letting Minato talk him into anything stupid again. ’Stupid Sensei.’

Wrapping his hand around the string of lights that was hung along the wall, Kakashi yanked. It came free, snapping where it caught on a nail. More lightning chakra spilled down the line of bulbs, each one exploding with a bright flash. “Give me that photo album, NOW!” He flicked his wrist and cracked the whip aiming for Gai’s feet.

“Ri--” Gai sprang up and over the impromptu whip. “--val, I think you must have misunderstood the word ‘ornament’ and I do regret to inform you, but there is very much an ‘o’ and not an ‘a’ at the beginning.”

Kakashi cocked an eyebrow. “Really? Well they work quite well as either,” he ground it out, swinging the whip again. The lights were almost better than kunai and shuriken that had been hung among the far more normal ornaments like glass bulbs and gingerbread men.

Gai didn’t manage to dodge the back-swing and the whip tangled around his feet.

Giving the rope of lights a hard yank, Kakashi pulled him from the wall to the ground with a very loud thud.

The book flew from Gai’s hands. “Umph!”

Kakashi glared at Gai and strode over to the book. “Don’t ever tell anyone about these pictures. Or else.”

Gai smiled weakly, his usual sparkle missing. “You should not be ashamed, you looked most Youthful in the Festive costume.”

Picking the book up, Kakashi growled. “I don’t care.” Turning, he stormed away, leaving Gai to untangle himself. He had to find a way to destroy the evidence and hunt down Rin to find out if there were copies before Minato got home.
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