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Title: I Saw It First!
Characters: Kakashi, Anko
Theme: Instigating fights between other shoppers to steal the last ’absolutely fantastic/you are nothing without this’ item or toy of the year
Summary: The battle for the perfect gift doesn’t always end in success.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto and I’m certainly not being paid to write this, it’s for my own enjoyment and the enjoyment of others.
Dedicated to: Boolover09 dA

Just like she planned, the toned down explosive tag went off with only enough power to produce a shit ton of smoke, distracting three old ladies. They stopped fighting and complaining about the customer service to cough long enough that Anko was able to slip past them.

It was nothing to move a few things from one lady's basket to another’s, and it took no time at all for her to notice. The fact that she was unhappy about the apparent theft was obvious, and it was not lessened just because there was still an entire shelf of the paper used for explosive tags.

The vial of liquid squeezed from the stems of the weeds she and Iruka had discovered that smelled and looked like baby vomit was sacrificed in redirecting the attentions of the mother with the infant and the three-year-old. It also, to Anko’s glee, made the bright-eyed, little girl grin and giggle. Anko figured she must find the stinky baby being even stinkier entertaining. She would if it was her little brother. Or Iruka.

The distraction allowed her to slip past, and a quick foot to the back of some loud mouth guy landed her directly in front of the goal.

The kunai and shuriken kit lay neatly on the shelf, each piece tied securely to the black canvas holder. They were the current favorite with the jounin and hard to come by because, unlike the standard set, they had a newly developed jutsu placed on them. It made them lighter, stronger, and easy to find since the user could attune them to their own chakra. They were also matte black and didn’t reflect light.

They were also hard to produce, which as a result made them hard to come by and extraordinarily expensive. Generally pre-genin couldn’t afford them, but Anko had been saving all year for one thing, and this was it. Her gift for her best friend, Iruka.

Smiling, she reached for them and... her fingers closed on air. Her eyes shot up, locking on the boy perched atop the shelf with the kit closed up in one hand.

The silver hair, the way his hitai-ate was slanted over one eye, and the blue mask covering the lower half of his face gave away who he was immediately.
“I saw it first, Hatake, give it back!” She growled.

He stared at her lazily. “Or what?”

Anko made a snatch for the case, only to have it pulled further out of her reach. “Or I’ll kick your ass, that’s what!”

He looked at the case, looked at her, and yawned. “Have fun with your shopping.” Kakashi’s visible eye closed, crinkling at the corner. He raised his hand and tilted it to the side in a quick wave before forming a hand sign and teleporting away in a puff of smoke.

“Oooh, I’m going to kill that Hatake!” Anko fumed and kicked the stand. It was too crowded for her to just chase him down while he paid; she’d have had to fight her way back through the crowd. She was now low on supplies and giftless. “Stupid, Hatake!”
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