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Mar. 31st, 2012 10:19 pm
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Hi... so uh yeah I'm not dead. I'm not sure what all I should say... Like I might delete this journal because I feel really freaking insecure about writing this stuff out. I seriously worry that people will take this in a weird way, but just know that I am really stupidly excited and happy about stuff right now.

First of all if you have a rec for any fics or art of the following fandoms(even your own stuff) let me know: Naruto(always), Supernatural, Sherlock, Dr. Who, SG-1, Firefly/Serenity, X-men 1st Class, Avatar:LA/LoK, Young Avengers, or Young Justice I would LOVE a link. ^.^ If I haven't commented, assume I haven't read it, even if I have it just means I can reread it and comment this time. Hehe cuz I've been such a little lurker lately. I would love to hear what everyone else is into right now too and what you love about it. I do no fear spoilers.

I've been kind of busy with real life. It started before Christmas because I was trying to get all the x-mas fics done while doing the whole holiday thing (and for certain reasons family was annoying me a lot over the holidays but I won't go into that). Then after the holidays I left and took a road trip to KS to see my brother and drop our car off with him cuz he needed a reliable car because he wrecked his and he needed one with a backseat anyway. Since we weren't using ours (joy of living in a city with good public transportation) we thought he could buy ours since he can't take a loan thanks to his ex-wife being a uh... not nice person about the divorce. Which meant I was down there for pretty much a month.

So first of all because I have really awesome friends. My real life awesome friend Sarah wrote this children's story 'Princess Charming' and it has a GirlxGirl pairing in it! Woohoo! It's super cute! When she showed it to me it's right before all of the above insanity so like early November and I didn't read it. I FAIL! She gave me a second copy after much angsting on her part thinking that I'd read it and didn't like want to tell her it sucked and OMG how could she think otherwise. *giggles* The hubby and I went over for New Years and I told her I hadn't read it and I was sorry cuz I meant to just holidays = FAIL and that I would read it if she'd send it to me again because my inbox looked like a kid's toybox with more junk than good stuff. She gave me a paper copy and stuck it in the first volume of Sandman that she also loaned me (WIN!) which was smart cuz I was not going to forget to read that for sure! So I read it on the drive down and then I read it again out loud to my best friend because it was just that freaking adorable! There was MUCH squealing involved. I told her it was awesome and I would like think about the artists that I knew and see if I could figure out which one would like best fit her story style wise and then see if I couldn't hook her up with them because it NEEDS to be published because It's. Awesome. So after thinking and thinking and thinking I talked to Lenap... it just fit... I read the story while looking at certain pieces of Lenap's art and was like "ooooh yes so perfect" and then when I showed Sarah, Sarah was like "You have a psychic link to my brain!" So Lenap is doing the art. It's going to be Epic and ADORABLE! I hope when it's all done, you will all buy it because it is cute. Also my favorite character is the fat little unicorn which is actually Lenap's and I have been pushing Sarah to write a story all about the fat little unicorn and cake and maybe some other awesome adventures also possibly involving cake or other yummy foods. Seriously. It's adorable. I can't say I'm the editor but I'm like the 'creative director' on this little project of awesome. We sat down and scripted it out and Lenap is going to add her own special touches because well she's awesome. I will totally be playing promoter for this book so you will all have to hear about it probably a million more times. I fully intend to set up book readings and signings at some of the book stores and schools here in Seattle and then I'll drag Sarah out from under her bed to go to them. Because she needs me to. There will be pictures and possibly a video at some point. ^.^

Also after all that RL chaos I was kind of burned out and in hiding plus I've been working on ORIGINAL STUFF OF MY OWN! Yaoi stuff of course. I rewrote my fanfic Business As Usual(B.A.U.), made it almost 6,000 words instead of 1,600 words, and made it original. PLUS I'm going to write the story that comes before it which will be the love story and a chaptered story and not just smut. I'll write that once I finish the other two stories that I'm doing. Just so you guys know if you want a copy of that fanfic I would suggest getting it before I take it down because it will get taken down. I personally kind of cringe when I reread it especially now that I've rewritten it and it's so much better and it's not even through the final edits or anything. I will be so happy to see it all done and I'm REALLY looking forward to writing the story about how they met and fell in love. I have it all plotted out and it's going to be soooo much fun! I'll probably have to delete this journal entry when I delete that fanfic. I feel a little like they're changing but I hope not too much from how I've written them, because I want to write something for the people who've encouraged me so much. I worry about finding that balance between what has to change and holding on to the things I've personally enjoyed about writing them. We'll see. Maybe it will be totally different and people who like my fanfics will hate it... but I hope not.

I'm also working on two other chapter stories with characters who aren't based on anyone. One is a Barista named Liam and his love interest a Baker named Whitney. Whitney is sweet, flirty, and very tolerant of rejection. Liam is... well he could use a nice smack upside his head but he's actually a really sweet guy with jealousy and temper issues sometimes and major insecurities. If you get past that he's kinda emo, but I like him and I hope other people will too. I'm a little over 10,000 words into that one if you don't count the scenes that I sketched out that are hiding on the side and in my notebooks.

The third piece has Andrew who's a businessman who has had his confidence pretty much stripped from him and Johnathan who's a massage therapist among other things is going to help him get it back. I'm only about 5,000 words into that but I've got it mapped out in my head pretty well. It will actually tie back into the Business As Usual(B.A.U.) world at the very end.

I have a few other ideas for stories but I dare not let them out of the box I have them packed into for fear those muses will try to distract me from my current ones.

It's hard to do original stuff. I feel very self conscious about it the way I did when I wrote my first fanfic. It's nerve-wracking really. All of that said. I've shown one piece to a couple of publishers and both want to work with me and I really like both of them. I don't entirely know yet what I'll do but I know I'm for sure working with SL Publishing. I want to give them anything connected to B.A.U. for various reasons and they're going to be my primary publisher. They're small, but I really like them and I really like that I feel already like I'm getting to know people in the company which is awesome. The second publishing company I'll probably send the second story to since it's not connected. There are personal reasons I'd like to work with the second one, but of course I'm not 100% sure there yet. It's complicated, but I'll probably put a couple stories out via the second one. I'll figure it out when I'm ready to publish a piece that I would probably send to them.

The bad news... I am still not doing fanfics. I want to sooooo badly, but I know that I get so easily distracted by them and then I won't work on and finish the harder stuff which is my original stuff. Once I get the stories I need to get done I will write something for the fandom. It takes a lot of effort to resist their charms hopefully the B.A.U. stuff will be close enough that my muses won't decide to abandon me by the time I get back to them. In the mean time I'm going to enjoy all the stuff you guys write and other fandoms too. I got into supernatural (which ate my brain for a good 3 weeks solid) and I'm finally going to watch No. 6 and Tiger & Bunny. I'm hoping to spend two days a week for me! I don't know if that'll be watching a new series or reading a rec or doing something with the hubby but I wan to get myself on a regular work schedule and I'm hoping to contain my goofing off to days where I'm not working based on the new schedule. Which really won't officially start until after the family vacation in couple weeks, although I'm going to try and bust my ass between now and then.

Okay I should shut up now and this probably looks like a hell of a lot of spam... cuz it kind of is. XP Don't hate me.

Date: 2012-04-21 08:01 am (UTC)
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Late to the party as always XDD
Glad to hear you're ok !
For the Marvel world I can recommend some tumblr, like Cris-art, Kaciart, for the Sherlockians there is Reapersun, Sashkash, for Xmen 1class (mostly Cherick) morethnus, avatar LOK Heysawbones, Msgryz. I'm almost sure I forget some I'm sorry OTL


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