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More days go by and I forget to post here *smacks forehead*

So anyway...

Day 7
Week 2
Week's Goal: 10,000 words
Words left to this week's goal: 1,661
Story's Working Title: Coffee Cake
Characters: Whitney x Liam
Starting Word Count: 36,360
Yesterday's Progress: 1,907 words
Progress since starting journal: 18,653 words
Playlist: Whitney & Liam via Spotify! (see below)

YESTERDAY'S writing not because I'm a dork and didn't post here:
I am going to have to let go of the scene I wanted to do and it's like pulling teeth. I know even though I slept on it that it would be a step back for the characterization that has developed, but it's still hard.

I basically shave 2 weeks off of the timeline and quite a bit of angsting, but it's angsting that I think is really going to feel out of character for him now because he knows he's wrong. Even if I kept it I'd have to change it so there's no point in keeping it...

It's hard to give up scenes that you've sketched out and have in your brain as part of your characters' canon.

Today's Daily Writing Note:
So I let go of the scene... it huuuuurt! but I did it because it's important to be able to let scenes go and not let something like that block you. I wanted it but I don't think it needed to be there and I think it would have bogged the story down. Morgainedeshone is going to read it over for me and tell me if it seems off or if I should have gone the other way because she's awesome like that.
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