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So I have been working - had fun with my vacation which if anyone is curious I did make a few post on my tumblr but it was vacation so I was lazy and didn't cross post much.

Day 3
Week 1
Week's Goal: 10,000 words
Words left to this week's goal: 8,764
Story's Working Title: Business As Usual
Characters: Aleksander x Nathaniel
Starting Word Count: 0
Yesterday's Progress: 420 words
Progress since starting journal: 29,211 words
Playlist: Pink... I don't know why.

Today's Daily Writing Note:
So as you can see above I didn't get a lot done if you look at the word count. THAT SAID I finished the first round of edits to the oneshot that I submitted to them originally. Which is always hard. Getting everything smoothed out there was daunting. Hopefully the issues being fixed didn't raise new ones.

I also went back and fixed something on Coffeecake based on an edit from on BAU which had to do with overusing words namely... smirk. *facepalm* Seriously 29 instances in Coffeecake down to 1 and that 1 is IMO the best word for that sentence and therefore it's staying. The rest really weren't the best uses more laziness on my part so I fixed those. It's important to be aware of the words we use too much. I like SMIRK. Really I do. I like smirky people. I like the way smirk sounds as a word. I like smirking. That said... 29 times in just about 46,000 words is a tad much. I will try to be good about this and any other words that I use too much. There are words that I'm fond of and use a lot more than I'm aware, but if it's brought to my attention I will do my best to change that behavior.

Also I put the starting word count back to 0 since I'm going to be working on the first chapter of their romance which is an entirely different document/story. BAU the one shot comes after the romance so it doesn't count.


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