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If you're not into Naruto fanfiction don't bother reading. Also future stories for this may contain yaoi.

Title: Cry Wolf
Pairing: KoIzu
Summary: Best friends get each other into trouble, get each other’s backs, and they never break promises.
Disclaimer: I quite obviously don't own Naruto.
Dedicated to: Durgas (art trade)
Thank you to my beta: morgainedeshone who is also responsible for this idea
Stories in this series: Friends From The Start

Izumo shifted and looked at the pill. “Are you sure we won’t get into trouble?”

Shaking his head, Kotetsu laughed. “You’ll really throw up so they can’t say that you’re faking. If anyone gets into trouble it’ll be me. We’re on lunch so they’ll just think you ate something that made you sick.”

“We have a test tomorrow though and... I don’t want to fail.” The first time they’d done it he hadn’t seen it as a big deal because the teacher was just lecturing them and that was boring. The second time they’d had a substitute teacher who didn’t even know what they were supposed to be studying and the third time class had almost been over anyway.

“Aw come on Izumo it’s not like you can’t pass it in your sleep.” Kotetsu stuck his lip out and looked at him with puppy eyes. “Please, I can’t take sitting in class anymore....”

“But...” The guilt he felt over skipping was quickly becoming outweighed by the fact that he wanted to hang out with his new best friend.

Kotetsu bit his lip and furrowed his brow then grinned. “We can go to one of the practice fields and you can help me study!”

Izumo chewed his lip and looked back toward the classroom. “Well...”

“Pleeeeease...” The lip was stuck back out.

“Fine but you really have to study.” That would mean it wasn’t completely bad for them to skip.

Their teacher came out and whistled to signal the end of lunch and for them all to start heading back inside.

Izumo stuck the capsule between his teeth and held it there as they headed back towards the building. He waited until the were within sight of her before swallowing it. Like before it only took a moment before the nausea hit him and he bent over and threw up all over the grass.

Kotetsu grabbed his arm and steadied him. “Shimizu-sensei! Izumo threw up again!” He pulled Izumo off towards the front door which would be closest to the nurse’s office. “I’ll take him to the nurse...”

There was a crackle of chakra and a second later Shimizu had both boys’ collars in her grip. “Oh no you won’t. I’m onto the two of you.” She pulled back towards the side door. “You’re going to make up all the time you’ve missed--” she paused long enough to shove them through the doorway,”--in detention.”

Once they reached the classroom she shoved them into desks in the front row. “Empty out your pockets.”

They did, covering the table with string, practice weapons, toys, a bottle of green goo, and other random things. The pills that Kotetsu had been sneaking Izumo did not however appear among the debris.

Shimizu grabbed the trashcan and swept everything into it. “I don’t know what you’re doing but you’re not going to be doing it in my class anymore.”

Izumo sighed, puffing out his cheeks and blowing the air out through pouting lips. His stomach still hurt and his mouth tasted like vomit which made it that much worse.

Kotetsu leaned close and tilted his head. “Sorry. Hey you okay?” he asked, whispering.

Smiling, Izumo nodded then winced. His head hurt and the motion made his vision swim slightly. He rubbed his eyes and it helped. “Yeah I’m fine, just dizzy from throwing up.”

“Quiet you two. I put you down here so I could keep you two from plotting, don’t make me separate you two.” Shimizu glared at them as she passed out papers detailing the human chakra system then continued around the classroom explaining how to fill out the sheet as she handed them out to the rest of the class.

Anko leaned forward and poked them both with pencils. “Here.” She grinned as she handed the two pencils over. “By the way, you two are awesome,” she whispered.

“We got caught.” It didn’t seem like that could be very awesome to Izumo.

She continued to grin at them despite the obvious point that Izumo had made. “Yeah but you got away with it three times, that’s awesome.”

“I can’t believe we got caught,” Kotetsu muttered scribbling his name on his paper.

“You guys just did the same trick too many times too close together,” Anko explained.

Kotetsu rubbed a hand over his face. “Ah... yeah that make sense.”

“What are you three whispering about now?” Shimizu asked coming up beside Anko.

Izumo jumped slightly than grabbed his head. “Ah...”

Anko grinned and rubbed the back of her head. “I was just loaning them my pencil Shimizu-sensei.”

She frowned for a moment then walked down the steps to the front of the class and continued explaining the intricacies of the chakra system. Picking up a piece of chalk Shimizu quickly sketched the picture on their paper out on the board then started pointing out the eight gates and how they related to a person’s chakra paths.

The lines wavered, sparkling, and Izumo rubbed his eyes again then held his head when that only seemed to make it worse. He shook his head though it didn’t help either and forced himself to concentrate on the assignment.

Kotetsu poked him lightly in the ribs. “Hey Izumo.”

“Hm?” He didn’t look over, too busy trying to write his name.

“Shimizu-sensei... Izumo doesn’t look so good.” Ko’s voice pitched slightly higher.

The teacher didn’t bother to even turn around. “Oh please, you think I’m going to fall for that again? You two are just trying to get out of classwork.”

“But sensei... he really doesn’t look...” Ko pleaded.

Izumo turned to smile at Kotetsu, wondering what he was up to and why he sounded so worried. “Ko...” His vision swam again and he slipped out his chair, it seemed slower than it should have and the loud ‘thunk’ seemed out of place in the otherwise quiet classroom.


Blinking, Izumo groaned and tried force his eyes to stay open. His head hurt and he whimpered slightly as he reached up to rub it.

“Are you alright Izumo?”

“I told you he wasn’t okay!”

“Hush, Kotetsu.”

He still couldn’t keep his eyes open and whenever he got them open things were blurry and he couldn’t focus his eyes. The most he could figure out was that the teacher and Kotetsu were sitting next to him. He thought he saw other people but they were even more blurry. “My head hurts...” Izumo whined.

“I suspect you have a migraine, Izumo-kun. Are your parents home? I could send for them to come get you?” Shimizu asked.

They’d been gone for two weeks now but that wasn’t unusual, he could take care of himself. “Mission.”

“I’ll take him home.” It wasn’t an offer, it was stated without room for argument.

“Well...” Shimizu hesitated. “I suppose but I’m sending a note to your parents so take him to your house and they can check on you two there. If I find out this is some kind of ruse again the two of you will be cleaning the academy for the rest of the year.”

Kotetsu helped Izumo sit up and then waited for a moment before getting him to his feet, slinging one of Izumo’s arms over his shoulders and tucking his own around Izumo’s waist.

They headed out the door, stopping every now and then so Izumo could catch his breath and keep from throwing up. “Thanks Ko.”

“Sorry, if ya know... if uhm... the stuff I gave you made you...”

Izumo shook his head then swallowed hard when that made him nearly throw up again. “Can’t be that, it didn’t do it before.”

“Sucks bein’ sick when your parents are gone. It’s okay though cuz you can stay with me and I’ll take care of you.” Kotetsu tightened his arm around Izumo then pushed the main door open and they headed outside.

“You don’t have to.”

“Of course I do, you’re my best friend.” Kotetsu grinned and squeezed him lightly. “That’s what we do, next time you’ll have to take care of my ass.”

Izumo grinned back. “I will. I promise.”


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