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A Naruto fanfic, feel free to ignore.

Title: Stealth Kiss
Pairing: NaruHina
Summary: Despite the bright orange outfit even Naruto has his sneaky moments.
Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto but it is fun to play with the characters so I do. It'd be nice if I got paid for it but I don't.
Dedicated to: HazySunray because it was her prompt in the DA Naruto Families group
AN: I have another NaruHina one to write soon but they're so similar in theme that I had to carefully plot this one out so they wouldn't be too close in the end.

The first kiss, her first kiss, was given to a boy with bright blond hair and dirty skin sleeping huddled against a tree in the park. Less than a week before the same boy had saved her from bullies and she hadn't been able to thank him because she'd been dragged away by her personal guardian. The night she kissed him, she'd been playing in the yard and when the men watching her turned their back she slipped out of the compound through a small hole in the fence. It had taken her almost an hour to find him. She pressed her lips against his forehead with a whispered 'thank you, Naruto-kun' and then she raced back sure have the Hyuuga compound was out looking for her.

The second kiss that Hinata stole was at the hospital. He'd lain there unnaturally pale in the overly-large hospital bed and bandages wrapped tightly around his chest. She'd slipped in after visiting Kiba and had sat thinking about how her mother had looked the same way so many years ago and wondering if it would be the last time she saw him. Then she'd shaken the thought away and reminded herself that Naruto never gave up. The kiss had been given with the simple wish that he would wake up soon and the promise that she'd visit him again. When he woke up the next day she'd been too shy to even go in the room, but she'd watched him from the door while he talked to Kakashi-sensei and Sakura-chan before disappearing to check on Kiba.

There were a hundred kisses dreamed of after, but when the third real kiss happened neither was sleeping.

Hinata smiled and her cheeks warmed, but the heat in them paled in comparison the fire of his lips on hers. She'd waited out a war for this and every moment of fear that one or both of them wouldn't survive was worth it. While the entire world celebrated him a hero of a war no one had thought they'd win he was here with her, hiding from them all.


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