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Title: Garish Illuminations & The Hokage Tower
Characters: Ibiki, Gai
Theme: Garish Illuminations & The Hokage Tower
Summary: Shinobi are superstitious creatures and Konoha is no different
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto but damn do I wish I did. I would make so many sexy pairings.
Dedicated to: Athame because I love her


Ibiki had been waiting for a good five minutes for at least one of the chunin assigned to the mission desk to actually show up. Supposedly they were all out for dinner. He didn't care, he just wanted to turn in his report and get home so the girl babysitting his baby brother could go home.

He leaned on the desk, crossed his arms, and stared at the door. It was the only place, really, to stare without being accosted by garish lights and badly done decorations that seemed to be everywhere in the Hokage tower.

Honestly even the door wasn't entirely safe from the horrors of the holidays. The frame had ribbon and evergreen boughs nailed to it with kunai, shuriken, and senbons. Where the Yamanaka's had managed to even find the wretched stuff was beyond him. The only place he knew of in Fire Country that had evergreens was along the border with Mountain Country, surely they hadn't gone that far and chopped down what appeared to he half a forest just to decorate doorways.

Hanging center along the top of the door frame was mistletoe. Ibiki had been very deliberate in making sure that nobody had been around the door way when he entered. The superstition that you had to kiss under the mistletoe or you would suffer a painful and poisonous death wasn't a superstition that he bought into, but most shinobi did and he'd rather like to avoid being accosted by anyone if at all possible. It was beyond him why they would bother hanging the stuff up when they had such a superstition. Likely it was somebody's idea of a joke.

As if summoned, there was the clear and unmistakable sound of people coming down the hall. One yelling things about youthfullness, meaning quite obviously Gai, and the other yelling for him to shut up, meaning Kakashi.

Ibiki snorted under his breath. Despite how it might look to most Ibiki was quite sure Gai was a good influence on Kakashi. He really needed to learn to relax and a normal, at least if you could consider Gai normal, friend was good for him. The fact that Gai clearly cared about Kakashi without having ulterior motives like his teammate made it that much better. More over the two of them put up with each other when others were less prone to do so. Kakashi's attitude problems did little to endear him to most and Gai's over-the-top...ness made it hard for people to see anything deeper.

The two stepped into the doorway and stopped.

"Ibiki-kun!" Gai grinned at him. "I did not expect to see you here!"

Kakashi stared at Ibiki for a long moment, his fingers gripping a small, brown-leather book. "What are you doing here?"

"I believe my rival means to ask if you know where the chunin who are currently assigned to the mission desk are!" Gai's usual smile was strained and he shot Kakashi a glance. "He would Most Desperately like to take a mission off of my hands! I, however, Cannot allow it and while I do Greatly Appreciate his Enthusiasm and Assistance I am quite capable of completing my mission without his help!"

Ibiki cocked an eyebrow. Gai talked a lot. He shrugged. "They're not here."

The silver line of Kakashi's eyebrow that wasn't covered by his headband dropped lower.

Even with the mask covering the lower half of his face and leaving only the one eye visible, Ibiki knew Kakashi was glaring at him. Ibiki rolled his eyes and then smirked. It would be entertaining to see if Kakashi was as superstitious as a lot of other shinobi.

"What?" The glare didn't falter.

Ibiki tipped his head up very slightly and raised his eyes momentarily to the mistletoe. "You know what they say about not kissing under the mistletoe."

Gai looked up and then grinned. "We seem to have been caught by the Christmas Spirit, Rival!" he laughed.

Kakashi's eye closed and he took a deep, visible breath. "No where in that does it say I have to kiss you, Gai."

"Ah, but--" His voice dropped to a normal level. "--if you do not we will be unable to leave to find the resolution to your problem."

Apparently, Gai was superstitious. Ibiki wasn't overly surprised.

"I would rather die." Despite the statement, Kakashi didn't move out from under the mistletoe.

Gai blinked. "I..."

Ibiki frowned. He hadn't thought that Kakashi would be quite that big of an ass about it and the fact that Gai was clearly bothered by it made Ibiki want to deck Kakashi. He didn't only because he knew why Kakashi was a socially inept retard from reading the files Daichi-sensei had on him. If he hadn't seen the reports from Daichi-sensei and other older ones he might have. Instead he just felt sorry for Kakashi and Gai both. There was nothing he could do for Kakashi, but Gai...

"We shall both wait here then until a couple of Beautiful Young Girls come to turn in their mission reports and then we shall show them--" Gai grinned and waggled his eyebrows. "--our Youthful and Passionate Holiday Spirit!"

The cover was near perfect and perhaps if Ibiki hadn't seen the look a moment before or if he'd been anyone else he might have believed it. As it was neither of those were true, the usual sparkle seemed gone, and the smile seemed forced to him.

Ibiki uncrossed his arms and walked over to the two other young teens. "If you both stand in that doorway it will be impossible for anyone to get through even a girl our age." With that he leaned over and kissed Gai's cheek.

Even with the mask on, Kakashi's surprise was obvious. His eyebrow shot up until it was invisible under his headband and the usual irritated glare was replaced with wide-eyed shock.

Gai looked equally stunned. His black, bushy brows had disappeared under the bangs of his bowl cut, his entire face was turning a bright red, and for once he was silent.

It was hard not to laugh at the two of them. "I'd offer you one, Kakashi, but I rather like my jaw intact." He smirked and pushed Gai out the door. "Come on, you can help me find our wayward chunin." Ibiki had no doubt that Kakashi would find plenty of people who were willing and likely eager for a kiss, it'd just be up to him to get past whatever issue he was having and give them one. Or he could stand in the doorway until the mistletoe dried up and fell off sometime next month.

Date: 2011-12-20 12:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
cute and funny slice-of-life. Thanks for the holiday fun.

Date: 2011-12-31 08:45 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Glad you liked it, have some more going up tonight.


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