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I finally go all of my fiction uploaded to my AO3 account. That was a process... I think it was worth it though. I believe everything is up there now. Hopefully this will make it easier on everyone since they can download it as an e-pub or pdf if they want.

I've got a couple of SPN fics I want to finish so I get those up, but I need to work on my original stuff since one of the projects is due at the end of the month. I still might slip them in somehow since they're started and I'm horribly obsessed... *sigh*
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I'm trying to get all of my stuff posted to archive of our own. So far I'm up to '09. I really want all of it up there because of the ability to download stuff to e-pubs and pdfs. It's a really useful thing for people I think. I hadn't realized you could download them before (cuz I am oblivious and pay no attention) so I'm hoping to get all of my stuff up there for everyone.
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Title: Iruka’s Epiphany
Gifter: kiterie
Recipient: tsuyume
Rating: PG
Summary: For shinobi a shared mission can often define the ties between them, both by the principals they share and the ones they don’t.
Word Count: 2865
Gifter's Notes: I rewatched this episode (Iruka’s Ordeal) and just wow Iruka looks like crap in the flashback. Thanks to my betas M and K.

Iruka's Epiphany )
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And it's on GoodReads!

My book is FINALLY out and available for purchase! I'm so excited that my heart feels like it did when I first fell in love. That can't hardly breathe giddiness that makes you dizzy and has you feeling as though you could fly.

And please if you do buy it let me know what you think. I'm so nervous and I hope you all enjoy it, but as always I am completely open to criticisms as well. I am always looking to improve.
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Weeks previous: I spent a lot of time in the weeks leading up to yaoicon getting my book Coffee Cake ready with the help of my publisher and editors... The biggest disappointment is that all of this hard work was rewarded with heartache the first official day of the con when we found out it had been shipped to the wrong address. This might have been my publisher's fault or it might have been the printer's fault, but as they say there is no point in crying over spilt milk. Nothing could be fixed at that point and that is just how life goes. I'm a fairly optimistic soul, but I am also weirdly a realist so I just focused my efforts on talking to more people and having fun at the con. It is up on Amazon and you can preview the first chapter on my site. Honestly if you love me read the first chapter and give me that to entice you in.

Day -1: So Wednesday we got our butts out of bed at an unreasonably early hour (given that I am a nocturnal creature by nature. I think I woke up at like 8 am or something.  We got our tails downtown and stopped at one of the many many Starbucks so we could get caffeine. I had on my Dr. Who shirt where it has the TARDIS and the Doctor as an owl which is soooo cute! and the barista (a guy) commented that I should show his *pregnant pause* friend my shirt before blushing and pointing at a guy sitting at the end of the bar. It was utterly adorable. I did show him and while I was waiting for my drink he got up and went over to his boyfriend and was teasing him. It was one of those moments where you swear two people couldn't get cuter. We left and even Scott had to comment on the adorableness of it. He was either new to Seattle (where nobody really cares if you're gay or straight) or it's a new relationship and he wasn't sure if he could call him his boyfriend yet. I am going with option number two because it's cuter.

We flew to Long Beach so when I was packing the husband made me pack my toys in my own bag. I brought them because Bishonen Kakashi asked me to tie him up and I said I would. He said if they stopped me then he was going to claim not to know me. I laughed and honestly hoped they would just to see his reaction. They didn't.

Once we got there we unloaded and went off to find a coffee shop. That's pretty high on the list of necessities with him. They are very low on Starbucks where we were though and none of the very cool independents seemed to have free wifi. Good coffee and tea though. We were particularly fond of The Greenhouse which was very cute and had a peacock feather patterned couch.

Kita showed up and I headed back to the hotel to give her a key to the room. Got hugged a lot.

Day 0: Had breakfast with the husband and Kita and then Kakashi called and I invited him to come have breakfast and hang out. He did. He gives good hugs. Kita wanted to hide in the bathroom and/or kill me. She got over it, his awesome hug helped I think. Then Harial called and I invited her too. It was nice to hang out with friends.

We hung out with Kakashi for a bit after and located a few things he needed for cosplays then went and picked up Iris. *grins* Scott pouted at me that he didn't get to go get her. More hugs! Best hugs ever if just because I got them and Scott didn't. :P

Went to dinner with D, Danielle, and Ro at Asha which was really good and really expensive. I can't remember now what we talked about, but it took us forever to get out of there because we wouldn't shut up. They're the main reason I went down early this year.

Kind of a quiet day to be honest. It was nice and chill and well nice.

Day 1: Got woken up early and got mostly into my corset before Harial called and summoned me down to help with setting up the booth. Got there, helped a little and got things set up then I was going to go get breakfast but Kakashi sent me a text about my promise to tie him up (which we planned to do Friday morning before everything got rolling) so I went and grabbed my stuff and met him in the lobby, snapped a few photos and then Kita, him, and I all went to the hotel bar and I asked them if I could use their bar to take photos. They said we could do whatever we want... *snickers* We got a few looks when I then proceeded to tie him to a chair. (On our way to the bar we also ran into another guy - James- who offered to help me tie him up later in the gym). So after we finished in the bar we went to the gym, James met us there, we did a few things with the ropes including the dragonfly one that I practiced on Sarah. Got pictures.

I ran back to the booth to spend more time there. Scott and Iris brought me food because I still hadn't eaten and I was nice a shared. Spent a good part of the afternoon hoping my book would come while playing cheerleader of other books (namely Derekica's). At around 4:30 was when we found out that my book had been delivered... to the billing address and not to the hotel and since it was 6:30 in TX where they were there was no way to get them in time. As stupid as it was I really wanted to cry. I didn't because I'm a big girl and not a baby and well it would have done squat. I kind of felt useless though. An author at a booth without a book... it just seems kind of lame to me. Hopefully I didn't come off that way and I tried not to let my disappointment show too much.

Had dinner with Scott and Iris at Tapas and had some amazing freaking food - empanadas! (Those who read Coffee Cake will understand exactly how incredibly dorky I am for this) Went from there to a room party involving porn, booze, posing ken dolls, and drawing really bad seme and uke pictures. It was fun. Tried to find Kare and we kept somehow missing each other. Then I went and found Serani and Katt and spent some time with them before finally crashing out.

Day 2: Got up, went to help set up again like a good girl. Ran off for a bit before lunch to take a look around the artist alley, took a few pictures for Harial and I was going to go around with her to look at them at lunch but well Roget (aka male!Ro) texted me and asked me to lunch. Missed breakfast again and had promised to eat with him at some point during the con. Spent a lot of time chatting with him over lunch about all kinds of fascinating things like patterns our eyes recognize and photography. Among other things. He's a lot of fun to hang out with and a terrible flirt.

Got back, spent a little bit of time at the booth then ran off to yaoi911's panel on Artifice because I talk to him on twitter, said I would, and well wanted to cuz I'm a bit of a fangirl of his. Fangirled Hamlet when I got back because who doesn't? I kept running off on poor Harial for various things though I can't remember exactly all of them. I got a commission from an artist that draws for the L5R card game which I used to play of my boys which was neat. Apparently my retarded squealing over the cuteness made her very very happy. I act like a complete moron when it comes to art of my boys... seriously it like melts my brain faster than anything else.

After the dealer's room closed I forget exactly, but I attempted to have dinner with Ro, male!Ro, D, Danielle, Kita, Iris, and the hubby... after realizing that it was 8 and we still hadn't gotten food I abandoned the idea and ran off to the auction because I'd promised Kakashi I would get some good pictures of his performance and he was the second act. Got there and even got let into the staff area just for taking pictures of Kakashi because one of the staff members was super awesome and totally understood.

My friends who won Kakashi at the auction invited me to hang out with them (cuz they're awesome like that ^.~ and so I spent the dance hanging out with them. Best part of the whole thing was I hadn't had a chance to spend time with Devon and DOL at all and I got to! I've been online friends with them for years and totally missed the chance last year even though we were both there. Well and you know also got to dance with Kakashi who is so much fun. I got them to play party rock so we could watch him dance and that was fun. Went to a room party after which was fun and loud. Got a hug from Jay and Reno which was awesome. Hung out in DOL and Devon's room after it got broken up for a bit then went back to mine only to realize it was so late that Iris would be getting up in an hour and a half so I had to stay up or I wouln't be able to wake up and say good bye to her. Did that and well ended up getting about 2 1/2 hrs that night. I was soooo tired.

Day 3: I cosplayed Egypt for my Hetalia friends (D, Danielle, and Ro), there was booth set up and then I had to run to the Hetalia panel where I won a FrancexUK doujin (which I gave to Kakashi for various reasons I won't go into) I got back from that then helped Kakashi find some books and gifts for somebody which was surprisingly hard in the dealers room. He got frisked by the cop and I got pictures. Then we went to the artist alley and since I have such a wonderfully loud mouth I shouted out to ask if anyone had Axel and Roxas art and found somebody who did. That was MUCH more efficient than just prowling around looking for it. Then I went back to the booth up until closing ceremonies where I slipped over and got front row seats to watch the spankings and get more lovely pictures.

After we attempted a Naruto photoshoot and I was going to do a starfighter one too, but that didn't quite work out. Next year, better planning we'll get it done. Grabbed dinner at a pizza joint (that was awesome) came back took pictures at the pool for Kakashi and also just some casual ones because damn it's just nice to have a few casual pictures of people having fun Reno brought cards against humanity but we got shooed away before I could play since I was busy with the photo shoot stuff (which Reno was sweet enough to pretend to drown for). I got this utterly adorable picture of Devon (seriously it's cuuuute!) and a lot of very nice sexy ones of Kakashi and Reno and some nice ones of the Haku, Kisame, and Kare(Iruka). I need to touch a few of them up, namely Kisame's to blue her skin up.

Went to another room party and watched Avengers and played a drinking game which was fun and no I didn't get drunk.

Day +1: Had breakfast with the hubby and Kita then caught up with Kakashi and Kita and I went with him to run a few errands. He was sweet and bought us tea and banana bread (what a gentleman). We got back spent a little more time with Kare (she is wonderful) and Danielle even. Watched some of Kakashi's videos that he's done and he signed my boobs and my yaoi paddle. After he left I went swimming with Danielle and Kita and the hubby. Then goofed off with D and Ro too until pretty much bedtime. Helped them finish off some alcohol they had that was surprisingly good (I'm NOT a fan of the taste of alcohol) it was like American Honey or something.

Day +2: Got up while zombiefied and got off to the airport. The TSA agent went through my bag, sees all my naughty stuff... and makes me check the yaoi paddle... Which meant I had to take it to get it checked and she asked me what it was and I told her it was for spanking pretty boys after I tied them up. She was highly amused and asked if it was my husband I was traveling with and I told her it was and then had to tell the whole thing to the lady checking bags and they were giggling over it and asking me various questions. By the time I got through security I was cackling insanely and had to of course tell Scott which involved lots of giggling. A lady sitting across the waiting room from us found t incredibly amusing too.

Finally got home and pretty much crashed the hell out... I am still tired to be honest. Got up today/yesterday and went to Sarah's to cheer her up and watch Lost Girl. It was fun and I am utterly exhausted.

Also I don't normally text much or talk on the phone but damn if I didn't drain my battery multiple times this week from my nearly non-stop texting and talking. I have a prepaid plan where I pay for the days I use it and normally I go a week or two without even using it except to tell Sarah when I get downtown if that. I am also sorry if I came off incredibly spazzy... sleep deprivation and it being my absolute favorite con in which I get to see friends I haven't seen in a year is to blame. I am far far FAR calmer on a normal day. If you meet me at any other time you'd get to see that. At cons I feel like I have to be high energy... it's uh complicated as to why that is, but involves having been at cons with a lot of drama and getting blamed for not making sure absolutely everyone felt they got my attention and affection. It's also why I try so hard to make sure I see all the people I'm friends with who are there if at all possible.

Oh and random note... who was the person dressed as Kakashi (obviously I don't mean Shishio) in the elevator who called me Kiterie... I feel like a dumbass, but you know what you were in cosplay and I was totally fried.

Also if you want pictures that I have of you please let me know. I will try to get them posted this week but I want to touch a few of them up so I might be slow to do so.
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I've been EXTREMELY lazy about posting on here... I am sooo sorry. To make it up to you all I come bearing stories. 4 that are strangely (*coughdeliberatelycough*) similar to everyone's favorite pairing... or well at least the favorite pairing of 90% of the people who watch me. Plus a couple that are different. They have been posted on deviantart. The first 4 are the ones that are characterizations you'll recognize and the 5th is the pairing that I finished a manuscript of/the characters from the book (Coffee Cake) that will be published VERY soon. The last are a couple that shows up in Coffee Cake and will eventually have their own story.

Title/Theme: Toys
Pairing: AlekxNate
Words: 500 or less
Prompted by: Myself. I needed something to start with and I actually suggested it to a friend as a prompt but she didn't use it.

Prompt #1 )

Title/Theme: onomatopoeia
Definition: the formation of a word, as cuckoo, meow, honk, or boom, by imitation of a sound made by or associated with its referent
Pairing: AleksanderxNathaniel
Words: 500 or less (just over)
Prompted by: Morgainedeshone

Prompt #2 )

Title/Theme: Deluded
Definition: to fool, as by false promises or wrong notions; mislead; deceive; trick
Pairing: AleksanderxNathaniel
Words: 500 or less
Prompted by: Kita the Spaz

Prompt #3 )

Title/Theme: Sticky Notes
Pairing: AleksanderxNathaniel
Words: 500 or less
Prompted by: Kita the Spaz

Prompt #4 )

Title/Theme: Rare
Definition: Not occurring very often
Pairing: WhitneyxLiam
Words: 500 or less
Prompt by: Kita the Spaz

Prompt #5 )

Title/Theme: Autochthonous
Definition: formed or originating in the place where found
Pairing: EvanxJake
Words: 500 or less
Prompt by: MorgainedeShone

Prompt #6 )
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Day 4
Week 1
Week's Goal: 10,000 words
Words left to this week's goal: 8,328
Story's Working Title: Business As Usual
Characters: Aleksander x Nathaniel
Starting Word Count: 436
Yesterday's Progress: 436 words
Progress since starting journal: 29,647 words
Playlist: Random movie scores because I'm feeling ADD

Today's Daily Writing Note:

Starting a story can be so damn hard. Even when it's lined out. If I don't get some shit written today I'm never going to make my goal this week. I have to write 2,082 each day now to make my goal. *facepalm* I can do this!
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So I have been working - had fun with my vacation which if anyone is curious I did make a few post on my tumblr but it was vacation so I was lazy and didn't cross post much.

Day 3
Week 1
Week's Goal: 10,000 words
Words left to this week's goal: 8,764
Story's Working Title: Business As Usual
Characters: Aleksander x Nathaniel
Starting Word Count: 0
Yesterday's Progress: 420 words
Progress since starting journal: 29,211 words
Playlist: Pink... I don't know why.

Today's Daily Writing Note:
So as you can see above I didn't get a lot done if you look at the word count. THAT SAID I finished the first round of edits to the oneshot that I submitted to them originally. Which is always hard. Getting everything smoothed out there was daunting. Hopefully the issues being fixed didn't raise new ones.

I also went back and fixed something on Coffeecake based on an edit from on BAU which had to do with overusing words namely... smirk. *facepalm* Seriously 29 instances in Coffeecake down to 1 and that 1 is IMO the best word for that sentence and therefore it's staying. The rest really weren't the best uses more laziness on my part so I fixed those. It's important to be aware of the words we use too much. I like SMIRK. Really I do. I like smirky people. I like the way smirk sounds as a word. I like smirking. That said... 29 times in just about 46,000 words is a tad much. I will try to be good about this and any other words that I use too much. There are words that I'm fond of and use a lot more than I'm aware, but if it's brought to my attention I will do my best to change that behavior.

Also I put the starting word count back to 0 since I'm going to be working on the first chapter of their romance which is an entirely different document/story. BAU the one shot comes after the romance so it doesn't count.
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Day 7

Week 3

Week's Goal: 10,000 words

Words left to this week's goal: 3,761

Story's Working Title: Coffee Cake

Characters: Whitney x Liam

Starting Word Count: 44,267

Yesterday's Progress: 1,220 words

Progress since starting journal: 26,560 words

Playlist: Whitney & Liam via Spotify! (see previous post)

Today's Daily Writing Note:

I finished the smut scene I was working on so just basically have to write the morning after, confessions, and wrap things up. Hopefully I can manage that much today.

It's weird, but with being so close to finished with the manuscript I'm both stressed an excited. I'm also kind of weirdly disappointed that it's not longer. Partly because it's close to being long enough my publisher would have done a printed copy but it's still too short for that. Well I'm kind of tentatively planning to write a sequel for it so maybe if I do they can combine them to make a printed book. I've got a kind of vague idea for what I'd do for one so maybe. First though I have two other stories that I need to write.

I have sooooo much I'm going to be working on this summer. I'm excited about it and dreading it at the same time. So much work. It's a lot harder to sit down and write steady x number of words a week than it is to just push out half-assed fanfics. I didn't THINK I was being lazy with my fics but I am seeing exactly how lazy I have been. My next (self-imposed) deadline to finish my next story is the end of August. Hoping it won't take me that long but I am taking a week or so off to read so it very well might as that leaves me less than 3 months and even at 10k a week it could turn out longer than anticipated again. *eyes her muses* please no. *does not like their smirks* I intend to keep up my 10k a week goal in the hopes of maintaining a work flow.

So yeah that's uh where I'm at... so back to writing I guess.
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I'm getting close to finishing my first manuscript so I'll be taking a week off from writing to do stuff like read, zone out on anime or tv, and I'm even going to do a coffee art class. If you have something to recommend as far as my reading/watching list goes let me know. I have a huge list, but always open to adding to it. Also if anyone has any recommendations for good books about Zen Buddhism I'm looking for some.

Day 6
Week 3
Week's Goal: 10,000 words
Words left to this week's goal: 4,981
Story's Working Title: Coffee Cake
Characters: Whitney x Liam
Starting Word Count: 43,047
Yesterday's Progress: 880 words
Progress since starting journal: 25,340 words
Playlist: Whitney & Liam via Spotify! (see below)

Today's Daily Writing Note:
I can't say I got that much done yesterday. I had friends over so I cleaned the house and made barbecue ribs (that were FUCKING AMAZINGLY GOOD! falling off their bone with a fork and no effort good) and so I didn't get started until late which then it's the smut so I was trying to get everything to flow smoothly and that always slows me down.

Hoping to finish the smut up today which would be awesome. I only have 2 days (3 counting today) before my self-imposed deadline and damn it I WILL make it. I am determined. That's not of course when it will be 100% done that's when it will be sent to the editors to get kicked around. I don't know how long that's going to take but I'm going to take a week off (as mentioned above) and then start working on my second manuscript.

I swear nobody reads this... *sigh* oh well.
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Day 2
Week 3
Week's Goal: 10,000 words
Words left to this week's goal: 7,267
Story's Working Title: Coffee Cake
Characters: Whitney x Liam
Starting Word Count: 40,761
Yesterday's Progress: 2,733 words
Progress since starting journal: 23,054 words
Playlist: Whitney & Liam via Spotify! (see below)

Today's Daily Writing Note:
I forgot to post yesterday BUT I did reach my goal of 10k the night before so YAY! I also got a nice chunk of words written/integrated from notes yesterday. It's date timez! Which means next is smut. I'm hoping I can get a good chunk written today. Yesterday was going to be my day off but I decided to push through and try and get some stuff done so I could take some time off this Friday and Saturday and hang out with my little sister and my mom. I feel a lot better about some of what I've written because I feel like it was really the right move for the characters.
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More days go by and I forget to post here *smacks forehead*

So anyway...

Day 7
Week 2
Week's Goal: 10,000 words
Words left to this week's goal: 1,661
Story's Working Title: Coffee Cake
Characters: Whitney x Liam
Starting Word Count: 36,360
Yesterday's Progress: 1,907 words
Progress since starting journal: 18,653 words
Playlist: Whitney & Liam via Spotify! (see below)

YESTERDAY'S writing not because I'm a dork and didn't post here:
I am going to have to let go of the scene I wanted to do and it's like pulling teeth. I know even though I slept on it that it would be a step back for the characterization that has developed, but it's still hard.

I basically shave 2 weeks off of the timeline and quite a bit of angsting, but it's angsting that I think is really going to feel out of character for him now because he knows he's wrong. Even if I kept it I'd have to change it so there's no point in keeping it...

It's hard to give up scenes that you've sketched out and have in your brain as part of your characters' canon.

Today's Daily Writing Note:
So I let go of the scene... it huuuuurt! but I did it because it's important to be able to let scenes go and not let something like that block you. I wanted it but I don't think it needed to be there and I think it would have bogged the story down. Morgainedeshone is going to read it over for me and tell me if it seems off or if I should have gone the other way because she's awesome like that.
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So I should have posted this here before BUT I'm working on my first real manuscript (which I did mention in my last post). I have the goal of having it done by the end of May. I started working on it at the beginning of the year but I was insanely busy so it was kind of taking a backseat to LIFE (that evil thing ;p) until 2 weeks ago where I put it on the uh... to change metaphors... front burner. So yeah I'm getting close to done but I'm still worried about finishing it on time. It's why I haven't been writing KakaIru lately... I still LOVE KakaIru and I think my writing is still in that same vein so I hope all my friends and readers will give my original stuff a try when it's published. There will be one story dedicated to the KI community although I have to figure out the proper phrasing for it. I have really appreciated all the support and guidance that the community has given to me. The friends that I have made in the community are extremely important to me. Just because I'm writing original stuff doesn't mean I won't write anymore KI either because I fully intend to. I think I will write some fandom stuff when I take breaks because I miss it. -this first paragraph will be left out of future post as will the stuff below the daily note.

Day: 4
Week: 2
Week's Goal: 10,000 words
Words left to this week's goal: 6,245
Story's Working Title: Coffee Cake
Characters: Whitney x Liam
Starting Word Count: 31,776
Yesterday's Progress: 1,037 words
Progress since starting journal: 14,069 words
Playlist: Whitney & Liam via Spotify! (see below)

Daily Writing Note:
I got the scene done that I wanted to get done. I always consider this a huge achievement because I feel a lot closer to my goal when scene is done. In my head I still have a good 6 or 7 scenes to go... I think... maybe more. I need to up my word count though if I'm going to get 10k done by the end of the week.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~This will not be reposted as it will remain the same~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

My deviantart name is now KiterieAine which means that pretty much all of my accounts line up. The only exceptions being my msn and yim names which are actually older than the Kiterie name by about a year. The reason I changed my dA name was to reduce confusion for people and well the name wasn't ME, when people called me that when we met in person it confused me. When people call me Kiterie... it doesn't. I answer to Kiterie, Kit, and Kitty IRL and have since I was a teen.

First: I have TUMBLR now! KiterieAine.Tumblr Feel free to swing by and ask me questions there. You can ask my muses questions too if you want. I'm also going to post exclusive things on there and on twitter and facebook. I did set it as NSFW though, but I don't know if it will be and if I find that it's not I might change that.

Second of all I have a new facebook for my writing, specifically my original writing Kiterie Aine and you can friend me there. It won't have all the unrelated spam connected to my family/friends/general randomness or even games. It will ONLY have updates relating to my stories.

Third, all you should all go look at my recent post. Trello is absolutely wonderful!


I even think it could be used by artist who have a lot of commissions since you could put a list for each type of commission and board for each website so that you could track everything.

So right now I'm working on a kiss scene... lots of kissing in this one. It's fun but man so hard to write so many different kinds of kisses. Which leads to me worrying about whether they'll feel repetitive or that there's not enough actual sex because a lot of their story revolves around the lack there of. It's a challenge... I love having so many kiss scenes because Gah Kisses are cuuuuute!

Quote of the day "‎...never lick a cactus, it's not as fun as it looks." -Pick A Funny Status via Derekica Snake

Unless that cactus is named Liam then lick away he loves I mean HATES it. ;p

I am CHEESY! I totally love to have music that plays off of keywords from the story I'm working on OR a theme OR just love songs that fit the couple I'm working on. In Whitney & Liam's case it plays off of 'Beautiful' & 'Blue Eyes' so if you have a song suggestion that's not on the list feel free to toss it at me I will probably add it. The genre doesn't matter I listen to all kinds of stuff from Metal to Funk to Punk to Folk to Country to Pop to Rap to Dance... Seriously I listen to a huge variety. The thing I'm picky about is Lyrics. I'm a bit of a poet so I expect decent lyrics or a good fucking sound! In this case it's more love songs because well it's a love story.

Playlist Title: Whitney & Liam
1. Blue Eyes Blue by Eric Clapton
2. Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney
3. Clear Blue Eyes (feat. Lucinda Williams) by Amos Lee
4. Blue Eyes by Cary Brothers
5. Behind Blue Eyes by Limp Bizkit (not a love song but I like it)
6. A Beautiful Mess by Jason Mraz
7. Gray Blue Eyes by Dave Matthews
8. Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain by Willie Nelson & Shania Twain
9. Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye by The Black Crowes
10. Pale Blue Eyes by The Velvet Underground *Love*
11. Blue Eyes by Timmy Curran
12. I Still Miss Someone by Johnny Cash *AWESOMENESS*
13. His Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles by Joan Osborne *Pertty*
14. Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue by Crystal Gayle
15. You're Beautiful by James Blunt *Recced by Kiix/Dericka Snake - author friend*
16. What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction
17. Baby Blue Eyes by A Rocket To The Moon
18. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes by Crosby, Stills, & Nash
19. Blue Eyes by MIKA

Hi all

Mar. 31st, 2012 10:19 pm
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Hi... so uh yeah I'm not dead. I'm not sure what all I should say... Like I might delete this journal because I feel really freaking insecure about writing this stuff out. I seriously worry that people will take this in a weird way, but just know that I am really stupidly excited and happy about stuff right now.

First of all if you have a rec for any fics or art of the following fandoms(even your own stuff) let me know: Naruto(always), Supernatural, Sherlock, Dr. Who, SG-1, Firefly/Serenity, X-men 1st Class, Avatar:LA/LoK, Young Avengers, or Young Justice I would LOVE a link. ^.^ If I haven't commented, assume I haven't read it, even if I have it just means I can reread it and comment this time. Hehe cuz I've been such a little lurker lately. I would love to hear what everyone else is into right now too and what you love about it. I do no fear spoilers.

I've been kind of busy with real life. It started before Christmas because I was trying to get all the x-mas fics done while doing the whole holiday thing (and for certain reasons family was annoying me a lot over the holidays but I won't go into that). Then after the holidays I left and took a road trip to KS to see my brother and drop our car off with him cuz he needed a reliable car because he wrecked his and he needed one with a backseat anyway. Since we weren't using ours (joy of living in a city with good public transportation) we thought he could buy ours since he can't take a loan thanks to his ex-wife being a uh... not nice person about the divorce. Which meant I was down there for pretty much a month.

So first of all because I have really awesome friends. My real life awesome friend Sarah wrote this children's story 'Princess Charming' and it has a GirlxGirl pairing in it! Woohoo! It's super cute! When she showed it to me it's right before all of the above insanity so like early November and I didn't read it. I FAIL! She gave me a second copy after much angsting on her part thinking that I'd read it and didn't like want to tell her it sucked and OMG how could she think otherwise. *giggles* The hubby and I went over for New Years and I told her I hadn't read it and I was sorry cuz I meant to just holidays = FAIL and that I would read it if she'd send it to me again because my inbox looked like a kid's toybox with more junk than good stuff. She gave me a paper copy and stuck it in the first volume of Sandman that she also loaned me (WIN!) which was smart cuz I was not going to forget to read that for sure! So I read it on the drive down and then I read it again out loud to my best friend because it was just that freaking adorable! There was MUCH squealing involved. I told her it was awesome and I would like think about the artists that I knew and see if I could figure out which one would like best fit her story style wise and then see if I couldn't hook her up with them because it NEEDS to be published because It's. Awesome. So after thinking and thinking and thinking I talked to Lenap... it just fit... I read the story while looking at certain pieces of Lenap's art and was like "ooooh yes so perfect" and then when I showed Sarah, Sarah was like "You have a psychic link to my brain!" So Lenap is doing the art. It's going to be Epic and ADORABLE! I hope when it's all done, you will all buy it because it is cute. Also my favorite character is the fat little unicorn which is actually Lenap's and I have been pushing Sarah to write a story all about the fat little unicorn and cake and maybe some other awesome adventures also possibly involving cake or other yummy foods. Seriously. It's adorable. I can't say I'm the editor but I'm like the 'creative director' on this little project of awesome. We sat down and scripted it out and Lenap is going to add her own special touches because well she's awesome. I will totally be playing promoter for this book so you will all have to hear about it probably a million more times. I fully intend to set up book readings and signings at some of the book stores and schools here in Seattle and then I'll drag Sarah out from under her bed to go to them. Because she needs me to. There will be pictures and possibly a video at some point. ^.^

Also after all that RL chaos I was kind of burned out and in hiding plus I've been working on ORIGINAL STUFF OF MY OWN! Yaoi stuff of course. I rewrote my fanfic Business As Usual(B.A.U.), made it almost 6,000 words instead of 1,600 words, and made it original. PLUS I'm going to write the story that comes before it which will be the love story and a chaptered story and not just smut. I'll write that once I finish the other two stories that I'm doing. Just so you guys know if you want a copy of that fanfic I would suggest getting it before I take it down because it will get taken down. I personally kind of cringe when I reread it especially now that I've rewritten it and it's so much better and it's not even through the final edits or anything. I will be so happy to see it all done and I'm REALLY looking forward to writing the story about how they met and fell in love. I have it all plotted out and it's going to be soooo much fun! I'll probably have to delete this journal entry when I delete that fanfic. I feel a little like they're changing but I hope not too much from how I've written them, because I want to write something for the people who've encouraged me so much. I worry about finding that balance between what has to change and holding on to the things I've personally enjoyed about writing them. We'll see. Maybe it will be totally different and people who like my fanfics will hate it... but I hope not.

I'm also working on two other chapter stories with characters who aren't based on anyone. One is a Barista named Liam and his love interest a Baker named Whitney. Whitney is sweet, flirty, and very tolerant of rejection. Liam is... well he could use a nice smack upside his head but he's actually a really sweet guy with jealousy and temper issues sometimes and major insecurities. If you get past that he's kinda emo, but I like him and I hope other people will too. I'm a little over 10,000 words into that one if you don't count the scenes that I sketched out that are hiding on the side and in my notebooks.

The third piece has Andrew who's a businessman who has had his confidence pretty much stripped from him and Johnathan who's a massage therapist among other things is going to help him get it back. I'm only about 5,000 words into that but I've got it mapped out in my head pretty well. It will actually tie back into the Business As Usual(B.A.U.) world at the very end.

I have a few other ideas for stories but I dare not let them out of the box I have them packed into for fear those muses will try to distract me from my current ones.

It's hard to do original stuff. I feel very self conscious about it the way I did when I wrote my first fanfic. It's nerve-wracking really. All of that said. I've shown one piece to a couple of publishers and both want to work with me and I really like both of them. I don't entirely know yet what I'll do but I know I'm for sure working with SL Publishing. I want to give them anything connected to B.A.U. for various reasons and they're going to be my primary publisher. They're small, but I really like them and I really like that I feel already like I'm getting to know people in the company which is awesome. The second publishing company I'll probably send the second story to since it's not connected. There are personal reasons I'd like to work with the second one, but of course I'm not 100% sure there yet. It's complicated, but I'll probably put a couple stories out via the second one. I'll figure it out when I'm ready to publish a piece that I would probably send to them.

The bad news... I am still not doing fanfics. I want to sooooo badly, but I know that I get so easily distracted by them and then I won't work on and finish the harder stuff which is my original stuff. Once I get the stories I need to get done I will write something for the fandom. It takes a lot of effort to resist their charms hopefully the B.A.U. stuff will be close enough that my muses won't decide to abandon me by the time I get back to them. In the mean time I'm going to enjoy all the stuff you guys write and other fandoms too. I got into supernatural (which ate my brain for a good 3 weeks solid) and I'm finally going to watch No. 6 and Tiger & Bunny. I'm hoping to spend two days a week for me! I don't know if that'll be watching a new series or reading a rec or doing something with the hubby but I wan to get myself on a regular work schedule and I'm hoping to contain my goofing off to days where I'm not working based on the new schedule. Which really won't officially start until after the family vacation in couple weeks, although I'm going to try and bust my ass between now and then.

Okay I should shut up now and this probably looks like a hell of a lot of spam... cuz it kind of is. XP Don't hate me.
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Title: I Saw It First!
Characters: Kakashi, Anko
Theme: Instigating fights between other shoppers to steal the last ’absolutely fantastic/you are nothing without this’ item or toy of the year
Summary: The battle for the perfect gift doesn’t always end in success.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto and I’m certainly not being paid to write this, it’s for my own enjoyment and the enjoyment of others.
Dedicated to: Boolover09 dA

Hands Off Hatake! )
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Title: Garish Illuminations & The Hokage Tower
Characters: Ibiki, Gai
Theme: Garish Illuminations & The Hokage Tower
Summary: Shinobi are superstitious creatures and Konoha is no different
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto but damn do I wish I did. I would make so many sexy pairings.
Dedicated to: Athame because I love her

You know what they say about not kissing under the mistletoe. )
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Title: Armaments vs Ornaments
Characters: Kakashi, Gai
Theme: Armaments vs ornaments - why the first vowel is (or is not) interchangeable when dealing with Kakashi
Summary: Kakashi is very resourceful and determined, particularly when there is evidence of him being anything even resembling ridiculous
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto and it’s obvious because if I did there would be soooo much more fluff and lots of yaoi pairings.
Dedicated to: OldBat

It is my Honorable Holiday Mission to preserve this Precious Moment )
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Title: The Mishaps Of Miswrapped Gifts
Characters: Minato, Genma
Theme: Secret santa and the mishaps of miswrapped and/or unlabeled gifts
Summary: There are two presents left, both unlabeled, but which is really meant for Minato?
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto and I’m certainly not being paid to write this, it’s for my own enjoyment and the enjoyment of others.
Dedicated to: GuiltyGrace dA
I think that was meant for me. )
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Title: Controlling The Fox
Characters: Kushina, Mikoto(pregnant with Sasuke)
Theme: One Thousand Paper Cuts
Summary: Mikoto and Kushina wrapping Christmas presents and a reflection on their friendship.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto and I’m certainly not being paid to write this, it’s for my own enjoyment and the enjoyment of others.
Dedicated to: OftheNewMoon dA
A/N: I was kind of aiming for slight MikoKush overtones hehe just cuz it’s kind of like SasuNaru but not fucked up.

Stupid, fucking paper! If you don’t start fucking cooperating I will burn down an entire forest in revenge! )
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Title: Anywhere But Here
Characters: Ibiki, Anko, and Iruka
Theme: Anywhere but here
Summary: Ibiki gets assigned to the academy
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto and I’m certainly not being paid to write this, it’s for my own enjoyment and the enjoyment of others.
Dedicated to: kakairupowns LJ
A/N: Also written using the 100 themes - Misfortune theme

-Anywhere but here )


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